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Meeting your Neighbors

Williamsburg Court - Friday, August 21, 2015

A great way to interact with your neighbors can start with a simple hello! Sometimes neighbors don't take the time to speak to one another which can be a big mistake! All it takes is a quick hello as you are passing each other in the hallway or asking if you can help someone bring in groceries from their car. 

Being nice to another person is an easy way to start a friendship that can become life lasting. You may end up having a ton of things in common which can turn out to be a building friendship. 

The best advice to meeting new faces within your apartment complex is just to be friendly and outgoing and it's a sure way for you to meet the people in your community!

How to Find your Next Apartment!

Williamsburg Court - Monday, August 10, 2015

When you start your search for a new apartment, what items do you look for within the apartment complex? Are you searching for location, price, square footage? Determining what your ideal criteria for your next apartment would be is key! Below are a few items that may help you narrow down what exactly are deal breakers for your next apartment search.

  1. Walking/Driving Distance to Shops - Are you someone who loves to spend a free day strolling around town going in and out of local shops looking for that one perfect purchase? If so, make sure you check out the walking/driving distance to the nearest attraction area.
  2. Closet Space - We all know now a days that closet space can be a HUGE must for some people. Whether you need a humongous walk in closet or just enough space to fit all your items into, this is a great item to consider when looking for a new apartment.
  3. Laundry Facilities - Not all apartments come equipped with a washer and dryer hook up. Make sure you determine if this will be a deal breaker for you. If the apartment does not come with washer and dryer hook ups, is there a laundry facility within your building or do you need to walk a ways to the closest facility? Are the washer and dryers coin operated or do they require another method? 
The list of items to determine can go on and on from here. The most important part when searching for a new apartment is to determine what your requirements are and what items can be negotiable to help find the perfect apartment for you!

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